Lower Back Pain Left Side

By | November 27, 2011

It is a fact that millions of people suffer from lower back pain left side. Because of this, they completely undergo several treatments to end up their pains. The typical examples of these lower back pains are muscle strains, arthritis, pinched nerve and herniated discs.

This lower back pain left side exists because of several reasons. Basically, it is caused by some health related problems lie kidney infection, muscle spasms and pregnancy. If you feel this kind of discomfort, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

If you want to treat your lower back left side, you need to follow the recommendations of your doctors. The best way to treat your condition is through regular exercise and good posture. Proper exercise is firmly essential. Since there are several ways of performing exercises, you need to ask permission from your doctor before you perform them. Accurate deliberation of exercises must definitely be established to obtain perfect results.

If you really want to prevent your lower back pain left side, you need to recognize the things that you need to avoid. For beginners, you need to alter your lifestyle. In most cases, people feel pain because of wrong sleeping position and inappropriate daily activities.

It is also commonly observed that people try to stop their usual activities when they feel lower back pain left side. But, once it is temporarily gone, they still resume their activities without worrying about their conditions. Now, if you really want to avoid lower back pain side, you need to avoid several activities that can trigger your health condition.

If you are not familiar with several exercises for your lower back pain left side, the following are some of the basic exercises that you need to perform:

  • Cat or Camel Exercise –It is the first stretching exercise that usually starts from knees and hands. In performing this, you need to bend you knees and hands in your middle back similar to cat arching at their back. Then, bend your head facing at the ground.
  • Bird Dog – If you want to perform this, you need to start with your knees and hands. You need to tighten up your abdominal. Then, extend your leg and arms as much as possible. It is a required to hold this type of position over five seconds and then repeat the procedure until six times.
  • Side Plank – In performing this, you need to lay down the floor and start contracting your abdominal. Make sure that you can still breathe while doing this procedure. If you find it hard, you can alter your exercise procedure by simply depending on other types of exercises.

Practicing these types of exercises can greatly help in treating your lower back pain left side. Additionally, you can also depend on several pain relievers and other antibiotics. Start curing your health condition. If you feel lower back pain left side, start practicing the appropriate measures. You can completely overcome your situation if you really know how to handle it.

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