Severe Lower Back Pain

By | December 16, 2011

Severe lower back pain is considered as one of the most common reasons why people are seeking for medical consultation. Surely, there is no one out there who has not yet experienced this kind of problem. If there are, they will surely feel severe lower back pain in the later years of their life. The problem as well as the discomfort is not correlating when it comes to the severity of the condition. As a matter of fact, simple muscle spasm can already lead to the development of severe lower back pain. So now, you have to learn some of the essential information about the matter.


One of the main causes of severe lower back pain is muscular strain. This is a result of the serious conditions in the lower part of the body. Good example of these conditions is herniated disc in the lumbar area as well as degenerative disc disease. Muscular strain is usually happening because of the instance called as muscle overlook. When this is the cause of severe lower back pain, massage therapy as well as rest will relieve the discomfort. But in the case of serious types, medical intervention is already prescribed.


Usually, the physician will order diagnostic workout in order to rule out the diagnosis of severe lower back pain in the affected patient. Aside from this, the physician will also diagnose the condition by means of the description as well as nature of the severe lower back pain. In most cases, your physician will talk to you and ask you to provide the grade of the pain that you are suffering. The rating is based from the pain scale of 1 to 10. Apart from rating the pain, you will also be asked of its site, duration as well as onset. Moreover, you will also be asked if there are movement limitations that you are suffering. If physical examinations need to be backed up, neurologic examinations will be ordered.


In case a patient is still in the waiting area and the examinations are not yet finalized, the physicians will commonly prescribe analgesics. As we all know, analgesics are the medications which are intended to provide relief from severe lower back pain and other kinds of aches. Aside from pain killers, physicians will also advise the client to use cold and hot compress in order to eliminate severe lower back pain. Right after the physician has already determined the results of the diagnostic procedures, your doctor will device the right treatment plan that will suit to your condition. Once the severe lower back pain is already characterized by complicated conditions like involvement of herniated disc, the physician might advise you to undergo with surgical interventions. In the case of herniated disc surgery, the doctor will remove the part of your lumbar spine which cases the discomfort. Thus, this will leave you free from the problem. Following maintenance interventions is also very much vital in this case. Make sure that you will follow strictly what the physician advised to you after your treatment plan.

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